Raise Your Voice

Plenty of kids get bullied everyday in life. They are scared to go to school, and can’t stand up to them and speak, because they will physically hurt them. Kids everyday at school get bullied by words or physically. Some kids even get abused at home by there parents, and then comes to school and gets bullied there. Everyday there is a suicide, because of bullying. In our school there is cameras now so if someone is bullying you it will get caught camera. Some examples of bullying would be teasing, physically hurting them, calling names, spreading rumors that are not true, and leaving kids out on purpose. Kids who are bullied label themselves as different, unpopular, powerless, and alone. Bullying can make kids sad and lonely, feel sick, have problems at school, and bully other kids. People who bully is probably because, they want to copy there friends, think bullying will make them fit in with the others, and think that they are better than the kid they are bullying. The kids who are by standards they don’t know what to do when they see it. Some people join in and bully to. The kids who get bullied may have other problems to like family problems, friend problems, they might have something wrong with them medically. There is a lot of people in the world that can’t speak or else they will die. Muslim women have to wear the same clothing everyday. They can’t show no skin on there body besides there face. Syrians have no say in what they want to do. If they do something wrong it results in a death sentence. The United States is a lucky place that has peace, and everybody has a say what they want to wear or do. Some people can’t even speak in Syria. People in a lot of other countries have no freedom.

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  1. Hi Jayden, My name is Charles. I agree with you on this subject. Bulling is very wrong. I can’t believe that us humans would hurt one another. You don’t know what problems that person might have. Like you said, family problems, friend problems, and medical problems. Bulling is a leading cause of suicide. I hope that you can visit my site@201ckc.edublogs.org.

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