College Visit

Yesterday, I went to DMACC (Des Moines Area Community College) for a college visit. My favorite part was trying to figure out how to run one of the robots. It was hard to get the hang of it at first. I was really surprised on how many programs they had there, at a community college they had 232 programs I think which was surprising. I think I might go to school there for my first 2 years then transferring. One reason why I would go there is I want to be a mechanic or something like that. They also have a baseball team that I will try to walk on at. There was a lot of buildings on the campus filled with programs. We went to look at robotics and maintenance for our tour. I seen food vendors in trucks selling food out of vans. One was called roadside tacos obviously a taco truck. They really offer any kind of classes. They are partnered with all the Iowa Division 1 schools, like Iowa, Northern Iowa, Iowa State,  and Creighton. The dorms als0 look really comfortable and large for a dorm. They have a nice kitchen and a flat screen TV. They also provide you with a computer.

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